A family legacy in oil and gas and agribusiness cultivated in Jim a love of the land and a commitment to preserving our natural resources and keeping our waters pure. Over the past several decades, his scientific knowledge and technical background have catapulted him into leadership positions when the most demanding and tedious environmental issues arose.

From permitting landfills, incinerators, landfill-gas-to-energy plants and transfer stations to operating solid waste hauling companies to dealing with hazardous, medical, special and municipal waste,
Jim has done it all successfully.  Examples include:

Jim is in the forefront of many initiatives to bring clean energy and alternative fuel projects on line with fiscal assurance and full capability for sustainability. For about 10 years, Jim was the owner and operator of Rancho De Los Robles, on which he was responsible for restoring and improving the ranch pastures.  Its grazing capacity was improved by 100 percent, and Jim’s initiatives received recognition by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service (now the Natural Resources Conservation Service).

Recently, Jim was appointed, by the Governor of Texas, to serve as a Director of the Brazos River Authority. The BRA is one of the largest river authorities in Texas and gives Jim an opportunity to engage in the pursuit of his passion for preservation of water resources.



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Jim Lattimore:  A Practical Environmentalist